Jul 25

Bizarre Rubber Splosh:Featuring Lady Lana Latex & Masked Mistress

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The masked Mistresses, dressed in their super tight latex catsuits, have some fun with their slave. After stretching his mouth with a big strapon, they proceed to feed him a concoction of unpleasant foods, holding his nose to make sure it goes down. They then cover him with chocolate custard, followed by a thorough washing down with Mis…

Jul 19

Metal Stiletto:Featuring Mistress Sidonia

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Mistress Sidonia’s slave is the subject of an intense session that revolves around the use of her metal stilettos. First, his body and nipples and probed, before he is trampled under the sharp, unforgiving heels. The next scene is one of the most daring attempted at the Mansion, the 7inch stiletto is used as a sound, inserted deep into …

Jul 13

Tranny Bondage Toy:Featuring Lady Nina Birch

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Lady Nina’s transformed, bondage tranny slut is dressed in a tight latex catsuit, with just her big clit exposed. Nina teases and humiliates her, enjoying the helpless cries, squirming and total control as her her oral skills are tested on a large dildo. The special girl is then put in another bondage position, exposing her tight arseho…

Jul 07

Strapon Bitch:Featuring Mistress Kiana

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Mistress Kiana’s slave is to be treated like her bitch today, totally owned and used by her big strapon. First she sticks it in his mouth, training the mouth and throat to take it, before he is tied over the horse and penetrated hard in the arse, his squeals turning the Mistress on. Slave bitch is then put on his back and fucked like th…