Sep 25

Just A Little Fuck Toy:Featuring Mistress Sidonia

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Mistress Sidonia has her sex slave totally immobilized in bondage on her bed, even his head is secured and his eyes covered, although a hole for his useful tongue has been left. She sets that tongue to work on her arse-hole, then pussy and once aroused turns to his nice hard cock to make her cum. She is not interested in his pleasure on…

Sep 19

One Inch:Featuring Mistress T

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Mistress T is resting on her slave masturbating, but keeps getting distracted by his obvious arousal, no matter how many times she orders him not to. Annoyed, she decides to teach him a lesson, using a cruel, teasing game where she will only allow his cock inside her one inch, which brings her some much needed pleasure and assures that …

Sep 13

Slut Fuck:Featuring Fetish Liza

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Liza loves dressing her husband as a cheap tranny slut and training him to take her big strapon orally and anally. After examining him closely and recommending some changes to bring out extra femininity, she fucks his mouth deep and fast, testing the oral skills and making sure the shaft is nice and wet for the anal battering that is to…

Sep 01

Lies Equal Punishment:Featuring Miss Eve Harper & Mistress Nikki

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James has had a sneaky day off of work, but unfortunately for him, his boss Nikki saw him in town when he should have been ill in bed. She calls him into the office and after hearing a pack of his lies, confronts him with her knowledge. Fearful of being fired, he agrees to Nikki’s corporal punishment, her novel approach to disciplining …